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We Offer Professional Water Damage Removal In Tempe, AZ

 At some point, many homeowners will have a water emergency in their house that could cause major damage to their home and personal property. A flood in your home can be caused by several things like a crack in foundation, a blocked sewer, a broken water pipe or from torrential rains.

 Excess water can be destructive because it will soak through ceilings, floors, carpeting, carpet padding rather fast, which can cause your floorboards to buckle and can ruin the carpeting in your home. Also, it can ruin your walls, upholstered furniture and wooden tables and chairs.

 Standing water in your home can also damage major appliances like your dishwasher, washing machine and refrigerator. Excess water can also ruin many of your personal items such as clothing, valuables, paper documents and photos.

 If you want to lessen damage to your home and to your belongings, contact our experienced and reputable water damage removal Tempe, AZ company right away. If you allow water to stand in your house for more than two days, it is highly likely that mold and mildew will grow.

 We will send our trained and efficient team to your home within hours after you contact us. The crew will stop the source of water in your home and then will begin extracting water from your house. Plus, they will cleanup the mess and will check for any structural damage and will make necessary repairs.

 The team will also remove items from your home that can be saved and will properly dispose of items that are deemed to be unsalvageable. Plus, they will use professional grade dryers and dehumidifiers to thoroughly dry your floors, walls, ceilings and carpeting, which will help keep mold and mildew from growing.

 If there is ever a water emergency in your home, get in touch with our experienced water damage removal Tempe, AZ company immediately.


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