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With so many priceless possessions to protect and restore, it is critical that you find a contractor you can trust.
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Fire is one of the most traumatizing events that can occur in a home or business.

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Even in Arizona and Texas, leaky pipes, heavy rains, and floods can cause hazardous mold and mildew problems in your home.
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Welcome to Day & Night

DAY & NIGHT the Water Removal Specialist, founded in 1988, is recognized throughout Arizona and Texas as one of the leaders in the Emergency Restoration Industry and offers a wide range of professional services that are geared to provide your company with loss mitigation and restoration services. DAY & NIGHT handles projects ranging from small house fires to multi-million dollar industrial and commercial losses.


“Day and Night was amazing. They showed up so fast and walked me through everything
I needed in order to file a claim with my insurance.”

Carla - Mesa, AZ

Water Damage

Water Damage Cleanup Services AZ 

  • Upfront FREE estimate available upon request.
  • Emergency Service- 24/7 -at your location within 60 minutes GUARANTEED
  • We work with all insurance companies to make a hassle free claims process.
  • All technicians are IICRC certified, licensed, bonded and insured.
  • Our mission statement: To serve, preserve, and to build everlasting friendships.

Water Damage Can Happen When You Least Expect


You just woke up, put your feet over the edge of the bed and splashed down into your wet carpet. What do you do? Who do you call? How much water is there and where on earth is it coming from?! These are the right questions, but finding the right answers could take you hours of calling and waiting on hold, waiting for adjusters to call you back and plumbers to make it by. After the hoops have been jumped, and the water has stopped flowing both your Insurance and your plumber will tell you to call a flood restoration company, specifically Day & Night Water Damage Specialist. But you could save yourself hours of stress by calling us now, Day & Night.

Our Water Damage Plan of Action


When you call we will come, and we will be there in an Hour or less. We will call your insurance and work with you and them to make sure everything progresses smoothly.

We will begin extracting water immediately after locating all affected flooring, drywall, and cabinetry, etc. If your furniture clothing or belongings are in danger or wet we will move, pack them up or pack them out, depending on the severity of your situation. We will then strategically place our fans to force all of the moisture out of your wood, walls and floors and into the air. From there the moisture will be pulled from the air and collected inside of our dehumidifiers then drained safely away.

Each day we will monitor the dry out, rearranging our fans as needed to ensure the highest possible concentration of effort and equipment; thereby shortening the number of days our fans will be in your home.

Day & Night 24 Hr Emergency Service


Understands That Your Problem is Top Priority
Again, this is an immediate service that begins within an hour of your call. You won’t be forwarded to a dispatcher, you won’t be made to wait until “next Thursday between 8 AM and 2 PM when our technician can give you an estimate”. We understand that this is an “Emergency”, and make yours our top priority.

Call us now, 24/7 is more than a tag line, it’s a lifestyle. We wouldn’t be able to sleep easily knowing you were suffering and we weren’t helping.