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The Glendale, AZ Fire Damage Repair We Offer Is Fast, Professional And Ready When You Need Us

Surviving a house fire is a mixed blessing. You might still have most of the walls standing, but everything is charred, wet and in shambles. The need for Glendale, AZ Fire Damage Repair is critical, but first, the standing water and all of that smell needs to be addressed. Our trained, IICRC (Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification) personnel are fully qualified to take over your home and get it back in shape.

The crew arrives, ready, with powerful vacuums, including submersible pumps, if necessary, to get down to the dry floors. The air movers will begin the process of getting the soot, smoke and bad air elements out of the spaces that used to be your beautiful home. Then our technicians will turn toward the actual Glendale, AZ Fire Damage Repair. This includes a lot of elbow grease, strong cleansers and disinfectants.

Special chemicals have been formulated to clean the black, sooty, greasy, oily residue off of all of the building materials that are able to be cleaned.

Most of the damage takes the form of these charred building materials and, as such, some of that material will have to be removed. By removing those items, including wallboard, panels, wallpaper, and many of the furnishings, certainly finished with fabrics, we are removing a large portion of what is causing a continuing source of odors. This is done with most items, after we have determined that a cleaning will not bring cleanliness, and health, levels up to our standards.

Our professionals will continue to clean, removing any sources of molds and other organisms that may have been introduced, inadvertently, into your home while the fire and fire suppression was going on. We are there for your Glendale, AZ Fire Damage Repair needs until your home is clean, safe and healthy for you and your family.


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