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 You have had a fire in your home. The firemen have just left and you have that overpowering smell of smoke, soot, dust and you are not quite sure what must happen first. You do know, because you have just been told that you will probably not be able to live here until you get everything fixed and cleaned up. You know what they are talking about because, as you walk through standing puddles of water on and in the carpets that you need some Mesa, AZ Fire Damage Restoration professionals and you need them fast.

By calling us, we will show up fast. A quick, yet thorough inspection will let us know what needs to be done and in what order. The first thing that must happen is to get all of the water out of here. This material, itself, can cause problems so it is job number one. Powerful vacuums are brought in and our IICRC (Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification) certified crew handles them like they have been around them for a long time because they have. Removing the water and other fire suppressant substances will clear the area to see what else is going on. The air movers or fans will be set up to vent all of the bad air, including smoke and airborne soot outside. Our Mesa, AZ Fire Damage Restoration team deals with a lot of issues.

After standing water has been removed from all areas, including the vast majority of it from the carpets and rugs, some furnishings will be removed and inspected in the fresh air. Any furniture that is upholstered with fabric will be discussed with you to decide whether they should be laundered or disposed of.

Soot, that greasy, oily substance that gets into and onto everything can be cleaned off with specially formulated chemicals. Some building materials burned too badly or contaminated too much by water or other elements, such as mold introduced during this short time period, may have to be removed. Everything is done to assure you will get back to a clean, safe and healthy home, again.


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