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 When free-standing water invades your home, the impact of such an event can be significant. The shock of seeing your living space potentially damaged by an unwelcome event can certainly be a very stressful and anxiety provoking experience. Whether the water entered your home due to leaky pipes, a toilet leak, a roof leak, flooding from a weather event, or via a major water main break, the key to getting things back to normal is to act quickly to remove the water.

During a water entry emergency, it is comforting to know that there is a team of water extraction experts that you can call on to take care of the entire problem. One phone call to us sets a quick and effective response into motion to remove the water as the first step toward restoring the water affected part of your home.

Upon arriving at your home, our expert team of Mesa, AZ water extraction specialists will first locate the source of the problem, secure the area, and stop any further water from entering the building. We will then use our powerful equipment to extract all free-standing water from the affected part of the house, and get the area completely dried out. In addition to removal of liquid water, we also use dehumidifiers to remove the excess moisture from the air inside of the house, which can cause significant mold and mildew problems if not addressed immediately. Once all of the water on the flooring and excess moisture in the air has been extracted from the house, we begin the process of completely restoring your home to its original condition by removing items such as moist sheetrock that have been damaged by the influx of water.

When a Mesa, AZ water extraction specialist is your need, our expert team is ready to respond!  


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