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 Lately, you have been having trouble with your washing machine and today it finally broke down completely and flooded your basement and ruined the carpet and some of your personal items like photos, paper documents and various clothing items. You were able to save many of your things that were being stored in the basement, but the carpeting and carpet padding in the basement is soaked through. Thankfully, you acted fast and you thought to shut off the water supply and called us right away. Doing so will help stop major damage from being done to the structure and foundation of your home. We are a very reputable and trustworthy Tempe, AZ water extraction business that you can trust an count on to do a great job. We are the best in town and will successfully extract all standing water from your carpeting and carpet padding and from your basement. Excess or freestanding water can cause mold and mildew to grow if it is allowed to stand for more 24 hours. In addition, excess water is often contaminated with toxic substances that could make you sick, which makes it very important to act fast and contact our first-rate water extraction company as soon as possible.

Our crew is highly skilled and well trained and will completely clean and restore your basement. Our team is also highly trained and guarantee that we are the best and most reliable water extraction business in this region and that our efficient crew will effectively remove all excess water from your carpet, padding and basement and will make any repairs that are needed to make the structure and foundation of your home sound again. Contact us today to make an appointment for your Tempe, AZ water extraction.


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