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We Offer First-Rate Water Extraction In Chandler, AZ

 Luckily, you have a single level home because you loaded the dishwasher, turned it on and went next door to have a cup of coffee to chat with your neighbor like you do two or three times a week. When you returned home about an hour or so later, you could not believe that your entire kitchen floor was flooded with about four or five inches of sudsy water.

Somehow the hose broke. Instead of panicking, you must act fast. First, turn off the dishwasher and your main water supply if both can be done safely. Next, call us and make an appointment for emergency water extraction in Chandler, AZ. We are very reliable and reputable and will do an outstanding job.

After you hang up with us, try to move some of the furniture in your kitchen such as the table, chairs or benches to keep them from being damaged. Plus, if there is anything in the lower cabinets and on the lower shelves in the pantry, remove perishable items such as food and appliances. We will arrive at your home within three to four hours after you contact us and will begin to quickly extract water from your kitchen.

Our experienced and skilled team will use state of the art drying and dehumidifying equipment to completely dry your kitchen and the affected areas such as the floor and baseboards. Plus, the crew will use special equipment to find and remove any hidden pockets of water from under floorboards and behind baseboards and from behind the walls.

We are a very dependable and trustworthy company that has been in existence for many years and will restore your kitchen floor. Our water extraction Chandler, AZ services are first-rate. Contact us today.


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