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 Last night’s storm was a bad one and it must have rained for hours. You were out of town and were worried about your basement flooding and when you got home the nest day, your fears were correct. Your basement was flooded and many of your items were ruined. You were able to salvage some things that were on the shelves and most of clothes that were hanging on hangers from the portable clothing rack but you did lose your upholstered couch that was being stored in the basement as well as some other items such as family heirlooms, photos and documents. You can still save your home from suffering major structural damage, if you act fast and call our reputable and dependable Scottsdale, AZ water extraction company right away. Excess water can cause walls and flooring to buckle and crack and can damage the structure of your home, which is why a standing water must be dealt with and removed from your basement as soon as possible. In addition, standing water can cause mold and mildew to form if it stands for more than a day. In addition, flood waters can be contaminated with toxins and gases that could make you very ill, which makes it imperative that you act quickly. Contacting a professional water extraction company like ours is your best option if you want your basement to be safely and completely restored.

Our skilled crew is highly trained and will safely and effectively extract all standing water from your basement. We are the best Scottsdale, AZ water extraction company in town and will effectively remove all excess water from your basement and will repair any damage is done to the structure of your home. 

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