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Water Damage Restoration In Scottsdale, AZ Means Cleaning, Demo Work And Construction Efforts

When water gets into your home, there is really nothing good that can come from it. It will seep into and under walls. If introduced in an upper level, ceilings can be impacted. Water falling into walls, from the ceilings can flow down between them and into and onto the flooring. This impacts furnishings, carpets, rugs and starts back up another wall if allowed to continue. A company who does the water damage restoration in Scottsdale, AZ, such as ours, should be called in when anything like any of these events happen.

The water is, in itself, part of the danger of having mold growing in your home. Molds need a couple of things in order to grow and be dangerous. It needs a dark place. This can be accomplished by being inside a wall. It needs moisture, which is supplied by the water and it needs a food source. This last requirement is supplied by the wall or other organic material, such as paper, wood and drywall. Remediation or restoration of any damage done by water begins, first, by getting rid of the water. This is done with powerful vacuums, dehumidifiers and fans moving the air in a circulating pattern to help evaporate this to remove it. All building materials and other contaminated items can then be cleaned and sanitized with chemicals specially formulated to kill viable organisms so they can be removed, physically.

After all water is removed, the water damage restoration in Scottsdale, AZ can begin. This is accomplished by removing all damaged building materials and any furnishings that have been contaminated and disposing of them. The building materials must then be replaced by fresh materials that are dry and not impacted by water or molds. This is installed, using appropriate construction or remodeling methods and then treated with special formulations that can prevent re-infestation with mold spores.


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