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Trust Our Expert Glendale, AZ Fire Damage Repair Team

 A fire in the home is a horrifying ordeal to live through. Not only are many personal effects, items of clothing, valuable jewelry and furniture lost in the fire, but there is also the anguish of having to deal with the messy clean up.

Often, people who have had a fire in their home also have to be concerned with water damage. Generally, large amounts of water used to put out the fire can cause severe damage such as soaking upholstered furniture and ruining carpets and rug. In addition, an excessive amount of water seeps into the floorboards and behind the walls and may cause extensive damage.

We highly recommend that you do not try to do a major clean up after there has been a fire in your home. There may be severe damage to the structure of your home that would make residing in your home extremely dangerous. It is best to call a well-established and reputable restoration company like ours and allow our experienced Glendale, AZ fire damage repair team to begin the clean up process.

Our expert team is well-trained and very experienced in fire restoration. The technicians will use state of the art machinery to entirely dry and dehumidify your home. In addition, they will use special equipment that removes dense smoke odors and cleans soot from various areas in your home including the floors and walls.

The team is also trained to remove burned and soaked furniture and any other items that cannot be saved. They will also check your home for any structural problems and will repair the damage. When you return to your home, it will be secure and safe to live in.

Contact us immediately if you have a fire in your home. Our reputable and reliable Glendale, AZ fire damage repair team responds quickly and has many years of experience and the expertise to completely and safely restore your home.

Trust Our Expert Glendale, AZ Fire Damage Repair Team


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