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Professional Tempe, AZ Water Extraction Services

 A large amount of water can flood into your home without warning. Various things can be the cause of excess water such as a cracked water pipe, a clogged sewer and heavy rainfall. It can also be caused by a dishwasher or washing machine that has a loose hose.

If water is left standing in your home for hours, it will most likely damage your upholstered furniture, valuables, carpeting and carpet padding, drapes, pictures, paper documents and clothing. Excess water can also ruin computers, smartphones and televisions.

If your home becomes flooded with water, you must act quickly to reduce the damage to your property and belongings. We are a well experienced and reliable Tempe, AZ water extraction company that has an expert and professional crew that will know how to handle any water emergency you might have in your home.

Our team is available for 24-hours a day, which means you can rely on then to remove standing water from your home and to salvage many of your belongings. It is our aim to minimize the amount of damage to your home and personal belongings.

We know that that removing excess water of the utmost importance and our team will get to work right after you contact us. Our highly trained crew is well experienced and will quickly stop water from flowing into your house and will work quickly to extract any standing water from your home with professional grade equipment.

Plus, the team will remove any hidden pockets of water such as from behind walls and from under floorboards. They will also dry and dehumidify he affected areas to decrease the chance of mold and mildew from growing and will sanitize and deodorize your home to get rid of musty odors. If you need a reputable and established Tempe, AZ water extraction company, contact us today.


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