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Phoenix, AZ Water Damage Repair Must Be Done To Help Prevent Re-Infestation Of Molds

Water getting into your house and causing damage throughout the entire structure is a good reason for calling a company who specializes in water removal and Phoenix, AZ Water Damage Repair. We specialize in this as well as other issues dealing with fire restoration, mold and mildew removal and other things you really do not want to get involved with. Our trained IICRC certified technicians can handle the critical remediation needed to take care of that water damage and get your home back into a safe condition.

The first thing that must happen, before any actual repairing can be accomplished, is to ensure no more water is present and, more importantly, no more moisture that can actually be part of the three things mold spores need to grow. The water is fairly straight forward to extract with powerful vacuums. The moisture can be located, using the equipment our technicians have on hand. The dehumidifiers can be deployed; the moisture can be removed, helped with air movers to circulate the air. Then the water damage repair will occur.

Since the water will cause drywall to swell and expand, this will have to be cut out. The same thing will have to happen in any ceilings that have been soaked. The stains are a dead giveaway and we are quite good at doing this, having done it for many years already. The material that has been cut out will then be replaced by cutting similar shapes out of replacement drywall and installing with the appropriate fasteners.

Phoenix, AZ Water damage repair is simply the act of repairing whatever has been soaked with water so there is no evidence that it was ever affected. We will also work with your insurance company’s claim adjuster to ensure everything is followed to assist you in this paperwork.


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