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Mold And Mildew Removal In Scottsdale, AZ Is One Of Our Specialties To Literally Save Your Home

Do you have an odor that is slightly earthy or moist in your basement or, worse, within a wall or under the floor in your home? You may have mold and you cannot even see it yet. It is one thing to have this dangerous organism in your home visible and looking like it wants to attack you, it is another thing when you cannot see it as it continues to grow, taking in more and more area, all under cover of drywall, floor covering or the ceiling. That smell may be the only indication you have, until you call us for mold and mildew removal in Scottsdale, AZ.

Our trained, certified personnel have all of the specialized equipment to detect this dangerous organism before it has a chance to attack you. We insure and bond our IICRC certified technicians so you get the best the industry has to offer. We locate any of this dangerous material even if it is still just spores waiting to grow into something larger.

Since mold spores need three things to grow, moisture, a dark place and food, such as wood, paper, drywall or anything else that is organic, we look for the cause of this growth. You may have had, or still do have, a leak where you do not see it and we identify that for you. This will require desiccant to be distributed in this space, and/or a dehumidifier being installed for the short to term to get it completely dry to eliminate the moisture.

Once the mold, and mildew that results from it are removed, through the use of cleansers specially formulated for this purpose, it is followed with disinfectants that kill the organism so it can physically be removed. A special preparation is then applied to prevent further contamination. Mold and mildew removal in Scottsdale, AZ is something to consider whenever there is that telltale smell, again.


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