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 You have probably heard of the term, "mold removal", which is used to describe the process of extracting and reducing mold levels in a home. This is an extremely important process that requires specialized equipment, and several important steps to complete. This is why it is important to let a professional Chandler, AZ mold and mildew removal specialist do the job.

What is it that causes mold and mildew to spread in a house, and why is it so dangerous? Mold and mildew thrive on moisture. These microscopic spores are prevented from growing into colonies in a dry environment, but when exposed to water they can rapidly expand. In fact, when excess water enters a home through flooding, roof or pipe leaks, sink overflows, or appliance malfunctions, moisture related mold growth can begin to flourish in a matter of hours. Once mold colonies are established, they can pose a significant threat to human health, especially in terms of respiratory problems and allergies.

When water damage occurs in a home, the key to limiting mold and mildew growth is to get the house dry again as quickly as possible, and to remove the mold and mildew that may have become established in the atmosphere, on walls, furniture, and in carpeting. This is where the work of the mold and mildew removal specialist is so important.

The mold and mildew removal process first involves doing a mold and mildew inspection and assessment of the damage. This may be followed by mold containment activity, followed by an air filtration process using specialized equipment to cleanse the air of mold spores. Mold infested materials, such as drywall and carpeting are removed, followed by cleaning of furniture and household belongings.

When water damage occurs, don't wait. Call our Chandler, AZ mold and mildew removal experts immediately! Our expert professional team is ready and waiting to help.


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